Our experts have been delivering cutting-edge solutions in Fintech industries such as banks, microlending organizations, and payment providers for over 17 years. Our expertise includes implementation of Middleware layers and Open API, Integration with 3rd party providers, creation of high load payment processing, acquiring systems and Digital Banking customer experiences.


Our core expertise is within the banking domain. Our Co-founder Max Popov designed, developed and deployed a banking CRM for the largest Ukrainian Bank (PrivatBank). That CRM manages 20mln customer records and delivers 2bln communications on a monthly basis.

Moreover, as Max was leading the implementation of Middleware layers in 37 financial institutions, has successfully delivered conversational banking solutions for some of the leading international banks.


Our Retail and E-commerce solutions converge in the fields of sales, logistics and payments. Philip Morris Ukraine is one of our trusted partners. We help our retail clients go digital and set up remote sales.

Our real value for our partners is in building for them a transparent and seamless customer experience.

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