The Situation on the Market and Business Challenge

Poor communication costs a lot to the business. The statistics demonstrate that it might lead to increased costs, missed deadlines, eroded brand reputation, and decreased productivity.

Talking about numbers, the Grammarly Report on the State of Business Communication demonstrates the following cost of ineffective communication for an average company. 

According to a report by Holmes, the total estimated cost of miscommunication might reach more than $37 billion. Still, the solution to that problem exists. Businesses can be in harmony and comfort if the right communication approach and a well-fitting communication solution is used. It can help to prevent stress and burnout of personnel, enhance collaboration, as well as bring attention to employee experience and engagement.


To tackle the challenge we created an omnichannel communication platform that keeps all the communication in one place and provides routine tasks automation..

1. Shared Inbox

To avoid the cross-channel messaging hell we developed a shared inbox for users to communicate with clients coming through different messaging channels. Shared inbox integrates with Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, Youtube, and Line.

Shared Inbox Omnichannel communication platform

Cross-Channel Customer Profiles

2. Cross-Channel Customer Profiles

Rush stores data about customers and identifies them regardless of the channel they are using. For example, if John Smith contacted the company through WhatsApp on Monday but used Messenger on Wednesday, he will still be recognized by Rush as the same client. Additionally, marketing and sales teams can use the data stored in the client’s profile to create more targeted offers.

3. Communication History

It’s important to keep track of things when dealing with communication with clients. With Rush, you can check the communication history to understand the background of the current conversation and analyze the customer’s past experience to provide a more personalized and precise response.

Communication History

Contacts List Import

4. Contacts List Import

We developed a contact list import to automate the adding contacts process. Rush allows you to fill your contacts database in a few clicks by uploading a contacts file or importing them directly from your CRM.

5. Templates

To speed up the response time we embedded a template generator. With the help of it, you can generate answers to the most common questions in advance, and send them in two clicks.


File Uploads

6. File Uploads

Communication between company representatives and a customer often requires files in addition to words. We added file uploads to help both sides to collaborate effectively.






Rush reports the following on-average growth from the clients using their application:

  • +20% in Net Promoter Score
  • +14% in Profit
  • +17% in Customer Return Ratio
  • 3 times faster Response Rate



Rush makes customer support simple and efficient. Just try it, and you will never wish to come back to communication without “Rush”!

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