Business Challenge

In contemporary times the quality of communication defines the performance of the business, as well as its potential, opportunities, and success in the short-term and the long-term perspectives. According to Nextiva, 33% of companies have lost a customer due to business communication problems. Also, according to McKinsey, 86% of customers expect conversations to shift harmoniously between communication channels. Our client acknowledged the above-mentioned statistics and has set us the following requirements for the project:

  • to create a unified workplace that ensures smooth external and internal communication.
  • to create a task management system (with different task types, task workflows, integrations, and the possibility to connect the feature to customer support). 
  • to have the possibility of website visitor monitoring to comfortably contact and serve the client (live visitor details, visitor notifications, chat invitations, visitor history and connection to Google Analytics).
  • it should be safe and trustworthy (meet the highest security standards).
  • it should be scalable (fit different sizes of the companies).
  • it should be adaptable and flexible (fit different industries).
  • it should be accessible anywhere and anytime while giving the companies enough space and opportunities to grow. 

With these requirements in mind, we started to help the customer to develop the communication management platform.

Our Solution: Flexible Communication Platform

While creating the communication platform for our customer, we tried to maximally optimize and simplify communication, providing our users the possibility to combine different tools and functionality of different programs/apps in one place. Thus, this app allows to considerably improve digital messaging, enhance communication, enabling more productive teams and better conversations. 

Once Steve Jobs stated “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” This is exactly what our solution does – it offers a simple product that “can move mountains”. 

Features of our Communication Platform

  • Built-in features and integrations enabling message-based tasks and sales.
  • Visitor monitoring and proactive engagement with the clients at the perfect moment.
  • Possibility to have 24/7 live agent service that always has the back and allows to never miss leads, support, or service inquiries.
  • Possibility to combine internal and external communications in one messaging platform.
  • Possible integration with call-centers (partly).
  • Enterprise-grade documentation and video instruction.

Design of Our Communication Platform _ image

Design of Our Communication Platform 


The Functionality of our Messaging Solution

The Functionality of our Communication Platform _ imageThe Functionality of our Communication Platform 

Creating Tasks

Clients write about their problems and ask questions in different channels, requiring action and participation from different employees? Our communication platform offers a one-click solution that can transform a request into a task and send it to a colleague (all in one system and with a user-friendly interface). Whenever necessary, the whole conversation related to the task can be easily opened to learn more and to understand the context of the situation. The status of the task can demonstrate whether it is “completed” or “in progress”. Such an approach allows reaching better accountability and superior organization of the business processes.

Tasks Feature of Our Communication Platform _ imageTasks Feature of Our Communication Platform

Having Universal Conversation Channels

Our solution’s Universal Channel gives the possibility to participate in conversations with the users while using their preferred messaging platform. In practice, it means that guests (users) will never use or see our app (or its workspace), and will communicate through the channel they prefer (Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp), while the business would see all the messages at one place, which is a very comfortable solution. Universal Conversation Channels allow simplifying communication, minimizing complaints, and improving participation. 

Omnichannel Chat

Our communication platform offers its customers omnichannel chat that is accompanied by SMS functionality, social media integrations, and website widgets. This solution is very useful for commercial businesses and contact centers all around the world. The omnichannel chat helps to maintain a consistent customer experience across many platforms, catching opportunities and enabling comfort. Besides, it gives the possibility to be where the customers are and to be available for communication and interaction when they are ready to engage.

Omnichannel Chat Feature of Our Communication Platform_imageOmnichannel Chat Feature of Our Communication Platform

Team Communication

Our communication platform considerably improves internal team communication for businesses. In particular, it helps colleagues, coworkers, and teams to be connected through a simple system of messaging. Direct messages and channel conversations perfectly replace confusing and long email chains, exposing people to the necessary information, and helping them to complete the projects faster and get more work done, without slowing the day. Reduction of reliance on email allows greater advancement and growth.

The main team communication features are the following: 

  • Channel conversations about specific topics.
  • Private group conversations.
  • The general channel will check unassigned chats and tasks. 
  • File sharing includes Html, video, images, pdf, and more.
  • Edit and return messages and auto-label as edited.
  • Pre-send typing preview.
  • Mention users in large channels to ensure awareness.
  • Searchable conversations.

Website Visitor Monitoring

The monitoring of visitors is considered an important weapon of the sales team. Just like the bell that rings when a guest enters a store, our communication platform informs when a visitor arrives on the website and provides the tool for efficient communication. Besides, it offers extensive visitor analytics that is easy to use and understand.

Communication with visitors on our communication platform _ imageCommunication with visitors on our communication platform 


Business Results

The statistic is the best proof of the business results. Currently, our communication platform has more than 3,000 workspaces all over the world including Asia, Africa, Australia, as well as North and South America. 

Our results are reflected in the top-notch performance of our customers and their smooth and efficient business processes. The increasing customer base, recognition of our communication platform by the customers, and their satisfaction with the app prove that we are on the right track.

Technological Solution that We Offer

We believe that our solution is a success story since it is a progressive solution that fits the needs of the businesses and exceeds their expectations.

  • Do you want your communication platform to flexibly adapt to the needs of business and to have great functionality? 
  • Do you want to improve the communication in your company?
  • Do you want to combine external and internal communication in one simple but progressive messaging platform? 
  • Do you feel that the business processes in your company are slowing down due to slow/inefficient communication?  can create a custom-made solution for you! Please send your emails to

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