Technological Challenges in the Investment Industry Context

Throughout history, investments have defined the financial success of people, businesses, and countries. While in the past, the process of investments was only restricted to elites, today the world has changed, becoming open to a large number of people with different financial possibilities. Today, generation Z is demonstrating unprecedented activity in the domain of micro investments (which is something very uncommon for the previous generations). In other words, the world is changing and the investments are becoming available to the masses, providing people with huge possibilities of financial and economic growth. Still, it is difficult to make reasonable investments in the contemporary complex, volatile and unstable world, since numerous factors and issues influence the business environment. People wish to invest rationally, however even though the brain of the human is undeniably powerful, it is impossible (and maybe not necessary?) for people to keep in mind the large array of constantly changing information in it.  

So what’s the solution? 

We believe that it is necessary to use the power of artificial intelligence and technology to help people with their investments. According to Business Insider, around $4.6 trillion will be managed by AI advisory software in 2022. Moreover, the statistics show that at least 10% of Americans of all age groups have used an online investment tool within the past 12 months. With this idea in mind, we developed the “Daizy” investment insights and automation app.


Business Challenge: Investment Insights and Automation App Development

The creation of an AI investment recommendation app was an ambitious goal that required the expertise and professionalism of the people involved in the realization of the project.  “Daizy” gathered the top minds in fintech, risk analysis, environmental, social, and corporate governance, as well as data visualization.  

The main requirements to Daizy:

  • the app should become an independent trusted source in the financial world that motivates people to be addicted to learning their investment portfolio, and making the right decisions.
  • it should take into account past, present, and potential future experiences in terms of investments.
  • it should help people to gain awareness about investment opportunities and give the best insights on the market.
  • it should show potential investors the rationality and info regarding investment opportunities. 
  • The clients should be able to browse the companies for investment, depending on their personal values.

Our Solution: AI Investment Insights and Automation App

We developed a powerful AI investment insight and automation app “Daizy” based on microservices architecture and an up-to-date tech stack, driven by AWS. To bring the project to life, we used the following languages and frameworks: C#, Node.js, React Native, Amplify, Cognigy, Dialogflow. 

In simple words, “Daizy” is an AI that tells you the data-driven stories behind every big company in America (oh, and cryptos too). If you buy stocks and shares, Daizy *will* change the way you see things. If you don’t already invest, Daizy is a great place for you to start learning.

“Daizy” app has great functionality, which includes:

  • real-time, personalized financial data tracking.
  • real-time performance and risk insights through AI-based playlists (VAR, volatility, diversification, ESG risks including at the portfolio level).
  • sustainable investing: ESG-focused stock and portfolio insights including unique content (for instance, the app shows what % of the board are women?).
  • live market data and spark charts on all stocks, cryptos, and ETFs
  • discover features with sectors, industries, and unique search categories. 
  • crypto categories.
  • ESG leaders and laggards.
  • new live market news playlist with scrollable market news stories.
  • live brokers.
  • connections.
  • cryptos support.
  • smart chatbot.
  • many other useful features.

Investment insights and automation app “Daizy” will help you to answer the following questions

How volatile and risky are your investments?

What are people saying about your stocks on popular social media sites?

Attitude to the stocks on the social media sites

Attitude to the stocks on the social media sites

Attitude to the stocks on the social media sites

What impact are your investment decisions having on the world?

Other questions that Daizy’s AI would happily answer.

Investment Advisor App “Daizy”

“Daizy” App demonstrates the impact of certain investment decisions on the world

“Daizy” App demonstrates the impact of certain investment decisions on the world

The app is constantly improving to keep up with all the contemporary financial and business trends. Each new version brings new functionality, helping people to make more informed investment decisions. 

The company has made a huge work on gathering, parsing, and understanding users’ actions analytics. We also overcame the range of tech challenges that brought deep confidence and understanding of how to build great digital business solutions.

Business Results of Our Investment Insights and Automation App

Some quick facts about our investment Insights and Automation App “Daizy”

  • in 2021 it got an award: “Best AI-Enabled Sustainable Investment Platform” by Wealth & Finance International.
  • has over 20,000 users with 8000 portfolios. 
  • delivered 500,000 insights in a single month.


Happy and satisfied customers are the best proof of the quality of “Daizy” investment insights and automation app:

Review of “Daizy” App from the Client

Review of “Daizy” App from the Client

Review of “Daizy” App from the Client
Review of “Daizy” App from the Client

Review of “Daizy” App from the Client

Review of “Daizy” App from the Client

Upcoming Release Notes We Plan to Announce

Our investment insights and automation app “Daizy” has ambitious plans for the future. Soon, it will offer a public business API that empowers anyone to get advanced investment analysis and its visualization via an extensive library of templates. There will be a page on the official website of Daizy to easily and quickly get the API Key.


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