Conditions on the Market and Business Challenge

Today, the pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly and dynamically, but at the same time, it is very competitive. With the increase in the number of pharmacies of different networks, in order to stay afloat on the market, it is necessary to offer something more than a wide range of drugs at affordable prices.

In addition, with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemics, the workload on pharmacies has increased many times, so naturally, there was a problem with assistance to pharmacy staff. In such conditions, the digitalization of pharmaceutical services has become the basis of security of the pharmaceutical industry and helped to optimize their work. Our task was to create a chatbot that would help the АНЦ to optimize the work of the pharmacy network and make it more efficient.

Our Solution: Telegram Chatbot for the Network of Pharmacies “АНЦ”

We have developed a chatbot for the pharmacy network “АНЦ” that allows customers to search and order medicines, receive targeted advice on recommended purchases, accumulate and manage bonuses, apply discounts, ask questions, and perform many other related transactions. Thanks to our Intelligent Digital approach, we managed to develop a chatbot that opened up new business opportunities for our client.

Functionality of Telegram Chatbot of Network of Pahrmacies “АНЦ” _ image

Functionality of Telegram Chatbot of Network of Pahrmacies “АНЦ”

Technologies that Were Used for Development of our Telegram Chatbot


The main technologies that we used were:

    • Node-RED is a visual programming development tool from IBM.
    • NodeJS is a cross-platform, open source JavaScript that runs on V8 and executes JavaScript outside of a web browser.
    • Postgresql is a free, open source relational database management system based on SQL.
    • Redis is an open source data structure repository (BSD license).

The Main Benefits of Our Chatbot for АНЦ Pharmacy Network


The main advantages of our chatbot for the АНЦ  pharmacy network are the following:

    • Automation of sales processes and the ability to serve customers 24/7;
    • Retaining existing customers and improving their engagement;
    • Reduction of queues in pharmacies due to automation of purchases;
    • Reducing costs by reducing staff;
    • Accustoms people to modern methods of interaction between business and the client;
    • Improving productivity and optimizing funds;
    • Automatic recording of important customer data;
    • Enables to increase sales by displaying recommendations and offering additional products.

Benefits of Chat Telegrams for АНЦ Pharmacy Clients


Chatbot for clients of the “АНЦ” pharmacy network has the following advantages:

    • Helps the customers to order medications and manage bonuses;
    • Allows customers to quickly get answers to their questions;
    • Shows the nearest pharmacy, depending on the customer’s geolocation;
    • Saves client time and avoids queues;
    • Gives clients the possibility to track their shopping history;

Business Results of Telegram Chatbot АНЦ

Our client, Pharmacy “АНЦ” successfully uses telegram chatbot for customers on its website. Hundreds of customers use our chatbot every day. Telegram chatbot allows “АНЦ” customers to make purchases quickly and easily, while receiving and using additional bonuses. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge, we have been able to develop a virtual pharmacology assistant that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the business and its customers.

You are welcome to test the telegram bot through the following link.

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