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Business Challenge

In the age of customer-centricity, businesses implement marketing strategies to increase sales, engage new customers, and reactivate current ones.

Our client was no exception, the company wanted to launch the marketing campaigns to:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Increase cross/up sales.

So, they find out the need for a flexible platform that can run and control those marketing campaigns, provide business analytics and launch new products. Custom CRM system implementation would help the company to achieve those goals.

Our Solution – Custom CRM Development

The company had a choice between different technologies for CRM development. However, the client chose our solution – Custom CRM Development.

Benefits are:

  • Custom CRM is the optimality of the ownership cost: no need to pay for licenses.
  • Our solution is strictly implemented according to the needs of the company.

Disadvantages are:

  • Custom CRM needs more time for development than CRM templates.
  • The implementation is difficult to develop if the client doesn’t have a Unified Customer Base and communication channels.
  • Custom CRM requires well-qualified business analytics to design the business requirements aligned with the business’s needs and support it afterwards. That is why the company needs experts in this sphere.

We have 3+ years of expertise in Custom CRM Development. We have a module system implementation that consists of a communication module, a module of communication receiving, an analytic module and more. Also, Maksym Popov, who is our COO, developed a similar solution for a similar giant – PrivatBank.

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Business Requirements of Custom CRM Development

Before the start of Custom CRM system development, the company created a list of business requirements.


Custom CRM Development Process

Custom CRM development is always an individual process, where we create those tools, which were requested by the company.

Description of Spheres of use that applied specifically to Custom CRM System

Business analysis

Our Custom CRM system provides an opportunity to conduct a constant analysis of the information about the company end customers and lead consumers.

The company can currently collect customer information like customer personal data, their latest transactions, information about actions within the app/chatbot and about incomplete actions: no purchase, replenishment, etc. In turn, the company can analyze data and launch new products, improve current ones or remove it from the market. In general, analysis helps to create new specific proposals for the company’s target audience.

Sales automation

The CRM system provides a sales automation process. It doesn’t require constant human resources involvement but still makes the company budget.

The system automatically moves end-customers to the desired action by target communication. For example, the system collects information about the end customer’s recent transactions and proposes similar advantageous offers based on this.

Customer Service

The company’s operators have a unique workplace where they can quickly find all needed end-consumers information and do necessary data operations – cancel transactions, check the information, etc.

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The CRM system has three communication types:

Transactional. These are messages about transactions, purchases and special offers.

Service. These are notifications about the repayment of debts, about the processing of an application.

Advertising. Advertising messages are sent according to a given schedule. The advertising mailing has “spam protection” not to overwhelm the client with uncontrolled messages. The CRM sets the logic of how many advertising messages can the system send to a customer per 1 month (for example, no more than two advertising messages).


The marketing portion is in every aforementioned sphere. The CPM system enables the company to plan, analyze and modify marketing campaigns. Marketing functions are carried out through automated communication with end customers, accrual of bonuses, granting discounts, etc.

Business Results

After the solution was launched, we helped the company solve the business blocks via custom CRM system implementation.

The business company has received:

  • Automated process of a customer reactivation after a long absence of time of activities or purchases.
  • The solution increased sales and improved the marketing campaign’s success by creating personalized offers that made customers purchase. As a result, customers’ bills increased by 8.5%.
  • The Custom CRM system increased brand awareness on the Ukrainian oil retail market.


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