Why Visa?

Today, Visa is one of the largest payment systems in the world and one of the undisputed leaders in the financial market. Payments from Visa are much more than just paying for products or services. It is also about creating a simple and secure customer experience that reflects the brand and that is profitable and comfortable for both the businesses and their customers. According to statistics, Visa covers more than 200 countries and territories giving its customers the possibility to make internal and international payments in more than 160 currencies. Moreover,  Visa –  is more than 3 billion cards and  2 billion bank accounts. Millions of companies use Visa services to sell their products and services. All these financial and technological solutions have different complexity and functionality.


Our Experience of Integration of p2p Payments using Visa Direct API

At the start of any financial project, it is always difficult to properly organize business processes to minimize costs and maximize the speed and quality of implementation. To achieve this goal, there are usually two options, either to DIY or to use ready-made business solutions. In most cases, the second option is the best. We believe that it is inefficient to invent the car every time if one can just buy and use it. It can take months to develop an engine, brake system, transmission, and other parts from scratch, and many more months to make everything work together. A much better solution is to buy a car and use it.

The same logic works in the fintech field. Thanks to many weeks of our work, we have created a simple, convenient, and secure solution for sending money by phone number from user to the user using the Visa Direct API. Other companies do not have to go through the long and difficult path of implementing the Visa Direct API, as we did. They can simply take advantage of our development and continue to grow their business without focusing on details.

Visa Direct API

Starting and Testing the Process of Visa Direct API Integration

To test this flow, it is enough just to run it on own computer or server. Here is the step by step instruction to run it (it is necessary to spend ~ 5 minutes):

For simplification, we have prepared the docker-container, thanks to which it is possible to run the processes with several commands:

  1.     to clone from GitHub the settings of docker container https://github.com/Chatbots-  Studio/visa-nodered-public-deploy
  2.     to run Node-RED from docker container “sudo docker-compose up -d”
  3.     All source files 
  4.     flow.json on NodeRed.org
  5.     NPM package, it must be installed through the terminal “npm install @42flows/custom-node-visa-api@latest”

 After running it, you can test the process: 

Body of request (Example){


So, companies can try to implement Visa Direct API solutions by themselves, but as you know, time is money. There is no need to spend time, and a significant amount of financial and human resources to delve into the documentation and engage in the in-depth technical business analysis since the ready-made solutions and opportunities are available. 42flows.tech, a long-time Visa partner, can implement the Visa Direct API efficiently and quickly. Our specialists do not need to study the Visa technical documentation in detail, because they are well acquainted with its requirements and challenges. We are ready to provide our customers with ready-made solutions, or individual projects of any complexity and in the shortest possible time.

 If necessary, 42flows.tech can help you with:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Support

Interested? Want to know more details? Contact us at: success@42flows.tech

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