Estonian software engineering firm and Estonian AI-powered identity verification company Veriff announce a strategic partnership. 

Future fintech solutions are anticipated to be safer and more accessible as a result of the collaboration between these businesses. Veriff’s progressive, top-notch identity verification solutions pair perfectly with’s industry-leading development and integration services. The companies will accelerate digital ID verification and streamline KYC-related processes.

Max Popov, the COO of, made the following comment regarding the collaboration with Veriff:

We are incorporating this partnership to protect clients and reduce the risks of insecurity in the fintech industry. Verifying the identity of the people is the most valued tool for business, which is why we continue to strengthen it with a leader in the sector like Veriff.”

Manuel Solis III, Head of Global Partnerships & Alliances at Veriff, stated the following in regard to cooperation with “We are glad that with the new partnership,  our clients will be able to integrate and use our services even more quickly and efficiently. Together, we are changing the fintech world for the better”.

About 42Flows.Tech

42Flows.Tech is a middleware development firm that works with banks, fintechs, and early-stage startups. Based on 15 years of banking experience, we use low-code and open-source tools for rapid integrations. This enables our clients to remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to innovate in order to provide more value to their end customers. This is why we support the “Future, Fintech, Fast” concept. The official website has more information about the company.

About Veriff

Veriff is the preferred identity verification partner for the world’s biggest and best digital companies, including pioneers in fintech, crypto, gaming, and the mobility sectors. We provide advanced technology, deep insights, and expertise from our foundation in digital-first Estonia and honed over decades in leading the digital identity revolution. 

The partner of choice for businesses who need to rapidly and effortlessly verify online users from anywhere in the world, Veriff delivers the widest possible identity document coverage. By supporting government-issued IDs from more than 230 issuing countries and territories and with our intelligent decision engine which analyzes thousands of technological and behavioral variables, Veriff enables trust from the first hello.




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