In 2021 – 2022, we conducted several courses and internships in low-code technology Node-RED. After receiving feedback and trying different approaches, we radically changed the internship format and transformed it into a permanent vacancy, Trainee Low-Code (Node-RED) Developer.


We invite you to learn more about the Trainee Low-Сode Developer (Node-RED) vacancy.

When  applying for a job, you will be able to receive the following:

  • Necessary materials for self-education;
  • Access to a chat where you can ask  our Node-RED experts different questions;
  • A test task, the successful completion of which will help you get to an interview at 


So What is Node-RED?

Let’s take a closer look at this innovative technology. Node-RED is a popular low-code platform from IBM that allows you to quickly create different digital solutions: chatbots, device management layers for the Internet of Things, integration platforms, and much more.

To become a specialist in the IT field, it is no longer necessary to be a programmer by education. Node-RED technology allows you to create simple application prototypes with minimal programming.


How is Node-RED Used?

We at use Node-RED to create Bank-as-a-Service solutions and Open API platforms. For example,  our company has realized the following projects using this technology:

A lot of other companies successfully use Node-RED as well:

Companies that use Node-RED

Source: Node-RED


Where Can I apply Node-RED?

By quickly building an application with Node-RED, you can work with both business and technical teams to turn high-level customer requirements into first-class, high-performing products.

Besides, it is an open-source technology. Therefore, companies that will use your solutions will not be limited in their development (vendor-lock-in). Companies greatly appreciate such solutions and will be interested in such a specialist in the first place.

What Will I Get?

  • First of all, you will have a chance to become a part of the innovative international team!
  • You will learn Node-RED technology (it’s a must-have).
  • You will gain knowledge of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Telegram API.

Now, What Do We Expect from You?

Don’t worry, the requirements are real and achievable. We expect the following:

  • Experience or courses in software development (any programming language) or low-code platforms (Node-RED, Flogo, etc.);
  • English language, not lower than B1 level;
  • Completed test task;
  • Responsibility and willingness to learn;

Sounds easy? We think so too.

Next steps to get an interview:

Follow the link for the Trainee Low-code Developer (Node-RED) vacancy;

Follow the steps in the job posting:


Ask questions

If you have any questions or any difficulties, write to by email. 

Check the vacancy right now!


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