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What Node-RED is

Node-RED is a popular low-code platform from IBM that allows you to build various software applications quickly: Middleware and open API layers, chatbots, IoT orchestration layers, integration platforms, and more.


How Node-RED is used

We at use Node-RED to create Bank-as-a-Service solutions and Open API platforms for Alfa-Bank, VTB, KredoBank, and many others.

Other companies use Node-RED as well:

Companies that use Node-RED

Source: Node-RED


Where could Node-RED be applied?

Node-RED enables us to build an application quickly. That fact alone can help you to build your work with both business customers and technical teams effectively. And you would be able to transform high-level customer’s requirements into a top-notch, high-performance product.

An important feature of the technology is open-source. Therefore, the companies that will use your solutions will not be limited in product updates (vendor-lock-in). Companies value such solutions very much and will be interested in such a pro first of all.


What will students get?

  • Use a great chance to become a part of international team. We will propose the best students to pass an interview, after successful course completion.
  • Practice your software and hardware skills.
  • Become part of an actual socially beneficial 100% non-profit project.
  • Bring your own impact into project development within a team of like-minded people. You will meet colleagues who join the company thanks to similar internships.
  • You will learn Node-RED technology.
  • You will gain practical knowledge of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Telegram API.


Who will be with you during the course


Bogdan Bugrienko

Bohdan Buhriienko. Instructor and Course Leader

Hey! I work as a Business Analyst at Using Node-RED technology is a must-have for me. Before that, I have worked for several years at PrivatBank as a Project Manager. I have over 5 years of building business processes experience on various low-code platforms. I think that building processes on Node-RED will genuinely interest you;)


Yuliia Lytvin

Yuliia Lytvin. HR specialist

Hello future student! I am an HR specialist at, and I will accompany you throughout the course 🙂 If you have any difficulties or questions, I will always be there! See you!


What is required of an intern?

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript basics (first six sections of
  • The level of English has to be at least B1.
  • Responsibility and willingness to learn approximately 8 hours a week.


Next Steps to Become a Trainee

  • Fill-out the application form.
  • We will form a group for studying based on the assignment results. We will send the results by email, which you indicated in the application form.
  • Courses will take place from 2022-01-18 to 2022-02-17.
  • After courses, you will pass an interview at company. Upon successful completion, you will become part of an innovative international team.



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