Conditions on the Market and Business Challenge

Today, the online learning market is profitable and promising. According to statistics, its value will reach $325 billion by 2025. The main trends and tendencies influencing the online learning market are digitalization and automation of business processes, as they help to optimize business solutions and make them more efficient.

When the Matema” platform approached us, it was looking for opportunities to optimize its site and make it more efficient to use. In particular, the client needed to refine and improve the system of roles of participants in the learning process (managers and teachers). As part of the improvement, it was necessary to develop a personal cabinet for participants and create a set of functionalities for each of these roles. At the same time, the implementation of such a project should have been as simple, high-quality, clear, and quick to implement as possible. You can read more about this solution for our client below.

Our Solution: Role System and Personal Cabinet for Users

We have developed a personal cabinet and a role system for participants in the work process (teachers and managers) on the website of the online school “Matema”. Within each role, the user has a set of functionalities and a user-friendly design. A user visiting the site can register either as a math teacher or as a manager.

Registration on the platform Matema

Personal Cabinet of the Teacher on the Platform “Matema”

Teacher registration on the online school website is convenient and intuitively understandable. The user provides his personal data and information that confirms his / her experience and specialization. The teacher has the opportunity to view his / her weekly schedule.

Personal Cabinet of the Manager on the Platform “Matema”

The personal office of the manager on the Matema” platform is implemented qualitatively, conveniently, and logically. After successful registration, the manager can book the student’s lesson with the teacher according to the required criteria (for example, available lesson time and day). The manager can edit slots as needed (for example, if you need to reschedule a lesson, change the frequency, change the status from “booked” to “paid”, etc.) and see all schedules of teachers. In other words, the manager can clearly and comfortably administer the site and monitor the overall effectiveness of the platform, as well as the workload/performance of individual teachers over a given period of time.

Adding the lesson to the timetable of “Matema” platform _ screenAdding the lesson to the timetable of  Matema” platform


Interface of Matema _ screen

Interface of  Matema, where manager can see the free slots of different teachers, understand their accessibility and book a lesson

Main Technologies of the Project for the Realization of Role System and Personal Cabinet on the Website

The main technologies that were used on the project “Matema” were the following:

    • NodeJs;
    • Node-red;
    • Angular;
    • Ngxs;
    • PostgreSQL;
    • Cron Express.js.

Business Results of Our Technological Solutions for the “Matema” Platform

Thanks to the implementation of the role system and personal account of the user, the owners of the platform “Matema” managed to achieve the following business results:

  • developed a quality role system with the necessary functionality for different categories of users;
  • automation of organizational and administrative processes, which saved money on the salary to administrative staff and as a result increased the efficiency of the platform;
  • improved convenience and comfort of using the site;
  • improved profitability of the platform;
  • improved workflow coordination.

You are welcome to test the functionality of the “Matema” platform by yourself. Schedule the lesson for your child here and experience the high-quality educational service. 

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