The Situation in the Market and Business Challenge

In recent decades, e-commerce has become a new way of doing business, since more and more people prefer to buy different goods and products online. Thus, today having own e-commerce platform or website with essential features is a wonderful way to increase the reach of the business. According to statistics, in 2021, 2.14 billion people (which is around 28% of the world population) were shopping online. In the future, it is predicted that online shopping would become a common and everyday habit of people. In these conditions, both retailers and consumers have comprehended the importance of online platforms. 

The client came to us with the request to develop an e-commerce platform for the chain of supermarkets “VARUS”. The main requirements for the site were – to implement the catalog of goods, to settle prices, discounts, and promotions to ensure a smooth process of purchase and delivery. 

Our Solution: An E-Commerce Platform for the Chain of Supermarkets

The main requirement of our client was to create an e-commerce portal for the chain of supermarkets “VARUS”. This website was supposed to manage a large number of products and product categories, as well as sustain a large number of users. Besides, it needed to have easy navigation and high operational efficiency.


Website of E-Commerce Platform of “VARUS” _ image

Website of E-Commerce Platform of “VARUS”


Example of Search Menu of E-Commerce Platform of “VARUS”_image

Example of Search Menu of E-Commerce Platform of “VARUS”

Main Features of the E-commerce Platform of Chain of Supermarkets “VARUS”

The main features of the website for the chain of supermarkets “VARUS” are the following:

  • Adaptability. The website is adaptable to both desktop and mobile versions, allowing users to access from different devices and being flexible to different screen extensions. 
  • Smart search engine. The customers can easily find the products they are searching for. 
  • Filter option. The clients of the chain of supermarkets “VARUS” can use filters to better find the products they are looking for.
  • Secure and smooth payment options. The customers can select payment options depending on their preferences.
  • The automated tracking of the stock-keeping units, meaning that the system tracks the availability of products and changes in their amount. 
  • Clear and understandable way of description of the products (title of the product, its type, content, caloric value, storage specifics, producer, and numerous other important features, depending on the products). Such an approach helped to better set SEO optimization and Google indexation of the website.


Example of Delivery Settings of “VARUS” Website _ image

Example of Delivery Settings of “VARUS” Website


Example of Order Page on the E-Commerce Platform of “VARUS” _ image

Example of Order Page on the E-Commerce Platform of “VARUS”

Benefits of Our E-Commerce Platform for the Chain of Supermarkets “VARUS”

The main benefits of our website for the chain of supermarkets “VARUS” are the following:

  • Better inventory management. Thanks to the development of the website, “VARUS”, it became possible to decrease the store charges and inventory.  
  • Improvement in the tracking of consumer preferences and behavior. Knowing what customers want can help to better target their needs. For example, knowing which brands and products are more preferable among your customers can help to adapt the product range, and fit better the wishes of the clients.
  • Possibility to reach new customers. Usually, the majority of the supermarkets are limited to a certain geographical area and the customers who live/work there. At the same time, with an online store, it is much easier to reach customers who live further away.  
  • Better scaling of the business. With the development of the website, “VARUS” managed to reach smoother and quicker growth.
  • The possibility to solve problems related to rush hour requests, lack of onsite employees, and downtimes of the early morning.
  • The architecture of the website provides a modern e-commerce experience.


Benefits for the Clients of the Chain of Supermarkets “VARUS”

The main benefits for the potential clients of the grocery store are the following:

  • Time-saving – remote shopping can help the customers to optimize their time spending, which is so important in the contemporary fast-paced world.
  • No crowds and no queues. No need to stand in the long queue or walk in the crowded supermarkets.
  • Convenience. Online shopping is comfortable since it gives the possibility to make a purchase in several clicks.
  • No pressure. The sales assistant does not pressurize the customer to buy certain products.



Technological Specifics of Our E-Commerce Platform

From a technological point of view, it was necessary to ensure integration with the customer’s back end and adapt features and approaches to it. The company has developed a custom Server-Side Rendering (SSR). Also, to optimize the speed of the site with a very large number of SKUs, the integration with the Product Information Management (PIM) client was realized.

The Main Technologies Used

The main technologies that we used for the development of the website for “VARUS” supermarkets: 

    • TypeScript, NestJS, and postgres db were used to develop an admin panel for changing UI on the Frontend.  
    • NestJS helped to test the routes from the backend of the client.  
    • API for work with PIM (GraphQL).


Business Results of Our Solution

The website is successfully operating on the market for more than a year. The main business results of our solution are:

  • Increase in the number of consumers. Indicators of average attendance reach 10-15 thousand. At the same time, on the days of promotions and on Black Friday, the attendance can reach 40-50 thousand users. 
  • Increase in the number of daily sales. Since the amount of clients has increased, the amount of sales has consequently increased as well. 
  • Development of stronger relations with customers thanks to better satisfying of their needs.
  • Better scaling of the business. 
  • Digital transformation of the business of our client that contributed to the improvement in return on investments.

You are welcome to explore the functionality and performance of the website of “VARUS” supermarkets by yourself.


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