The Situation in the Market and Business Challenge

The profession of DevOps already existed for around a decade, however, the specialists in this domain still face a range of problems that are not solved yet:

  • the number of necessary DevOps products is no longer manageable;
  • security weaknesses due to complexity are increasing;
  • it is hard to find a proper solution even if it is present on the market;
  • the technical know-how of  DevOps engineers varies greatly;
  • the transition from the architectural sketch to the infrastructure is not always smooth;
  • vendor lock can often be observed; 
  • many systems are “flying blind” and the number of DevOps tools reaches the point when they are no longer managed effectively.

DevOps need to manage hundreds of different tools and each of them has own functionality. Due to the very large number of available programs, DevOps specialists sometimes do not even know about the existence of certain programs and their functionality and possibilities. Thus, while realizing the projects they often try to reinvent the wheel. They are attempting to find solutions to the problems that are already solved. Since the job is complex and requires taking into account many different factors and aspects, the automatization and simplification of the main processes could bring a big difference, helping the companies to be more time and cost-efficient. So, when DevBay came to us, they wished to have the DevOps tool that can solve the above-mentioned problems, helping companies to achieve their business objectives faster and better.  

Trying the DevBay tool just once, you will never wish to come back to your previous approach to work anymore. 

Our Solution: Worldwide first Infrastructure as UML Solution

We have contributed to the creation of a platform DevBay, the main goal of which is to simplify and enhance the work of DevOps. The functioning of this platform is based on the presentation of the infrastructure of the project through the sketch in the unified modeling language (UML). Such an approach allows reaching no knowledge breaks and having an easier idea of the overall infrastructure. Our solution is a great place for teamwork that helps to get everyone on the same board and share their ideas and projects. With the available interactive online board, team collaboration is possible anywhere and anytime. The project takes into account the fact that people recognize information better visually and that the work on the project requires the contribution of numerous people. 

Example of the design of the desk (DevOps tool)Example of the design of the desk

Example of the design of the desk (DevOps tool)Example of the design of the desk

Functionality of Our DevOps Tool DevBay

DevBay solution has the following useful functionality: 

  • It shows that each problem has only a few possible solutions;
  • It offers standardization of the available solutions;
  • No technology zoo park;
  • The optimal configuration of the project is specified by the system;
  • It allows to avoid typical configuration errors;
  • The solution works only with open-source products and thus helps to avoid vendor locks;
  • It recommends the usage of other required products;
  • It allows making qualitative monitoring of the project;

Features of DevOps Tool “DevBay”



The DevOps tool DevBay has the following features:

  • Templates with proven workflows and ready-made frameworks that allow to save time; 
  • Security, since the solution is trusted by industry experts;
  • Integrations: Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud;
  • Tools that offer project’s scalability, reliability, and resilience;
  • Visual and intuitive approach.

Features of DevOps Tool “DevBay”

Technologies Used for the Realization of the Project DevBay


Technologies Used for the Realization of the Project DevBay

We have realized the Front End of DevBay DevOps tool in collaboration with the partner company, which has created the Back End. The following steak of technologies was used for realizing the project:

  • Typescript; 
  • React; 
  • EffectorJS; 
  • FSD methodology;
  • KonvaJS.

Business Results of DevBay

The business results of DevBay depend on the size and specifics of the project, where the solution is used. Still, it is possible to state for sure that it will bring the following positive outcomes:

  • a decrease in the number of financial resources needed for the realization of the project;
  • optimization of the operational processes on the project and consequently faster time to market;
  • easier roll-backs of different versions of the project, whenever it is necessary;
  • tighter feedback loops, faster bug fixing, and therefore reduced risks;
  • reduction in routine tasks, increase in creativity of personnel;

“DevBay” helps to make the most optimal decisions across the available tools, demonstrating the power of built solutions. Once you have this tool in place, you will feel the advantages of a more effective development workflow. As the deployment rate increases, the demand for high-quality DevOps tools rises. No need to wait. Try DevBay today!

How We Use DevBay at is actively using DevBay for our own projects. It helps us to solve two key issues: 

  • Problems with the speed and quality of deployment. Before DevBay, it took a lot of time to check if the previously developed architecture of the project was the same as the one realized by DevOps specialist. With DevBay DevOps tool, this problem disappeared and we managed to simplify, standardize, and speed up the deployment process for the clients.  
  • Problems with the documentation of the project. In the past, maintenance and upgrading of the project documentation took a lot of time, was complex, and created certain confusion. With DevBay, we managed to keep the project documentation related to architecture and deployment up-to-date, organized, and structured.

Overall, solving these problems allowed us to improve the quality and speed of services that we provide to our clients, while also bringing clarity to the technical processes and procedures. It gave us a significant competitive advantage over the other companies that do not use such DevOps tool. 

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