Business Challenge of PrivatBank

PrivatBank is partnering with a lot of small and medium businesses. The analysis of the market shows that people do not like spending their time waiting for their order or staying in a long queue. This problem inevitably leads to dissatisfied customers and consequently loss in revenue, loyalty and reputation. Understanding the demand on the market, Privatbank came to us for the solution, setting the following goals:

  • An increase in the number of small and medium business accounts opened;
  • Increasing the turnover of Internet acquiring;
  • Boost in loyalty of the bank’s customers;
  • Increase profits;
  • Increase in cashless payments of the bank;
  • Digitalization of bank’s services.

Our Banking Solution: Bot Commerce Platform

Our solution was a banking Bot Commerce Platform targeted at different small and medium sized businesses (such as, cafes, restaurants, fast food, beauty salons, parkings). For example, the client could order and pay for the coffee and sandwich through the bot, and then just take it on own way, without waiting for preparation and standing in the queue with other people.

Bot Commerce Platform was built using a flow-based development tool for visual programming Node-RED. It integrated an open payment system LiqPay, which in its turn enabled payment through Google Pay and Apple Pay. Such an approach was very beneficial since the clients did not need to show their sensitive financial information (the credit card number). 


The Main Advantages of our Banking Solution for the Client

Our banking solution “Bot Commerce Platform” has the following advantages:

  • Online sales with minimal costs for: to go/take away/delivery restaurants;
  • Possibility to use Facebook / Instagram advertising to attract new customers;
  • Possibility to send promotions/advertising to bot clients once a month;
  • Own mini-CRM with the possibility to search for the customers and all their orders;
  • Receive reports on online sales for the day;
  • Cheaper than developing your own site, mobile application, or bot;
  • Ready-made bot templates for: cafe / restaurant / fast food / beauty salons / parking.


Merchant Connection Process


Settings that Merchant Сan Connect with our Banking Solution

Each merchant within our banking solution “Bot Commerce Platform” can connect the following services:

  • Title;
  • Address;
  • Working time;
  • Contact details;
  • Minimum order amount (Yes / No);
  • The amount from which delivery will be free;
  • Self-pickup discount (Yes / No);
  • Visa discount (Yes / No);
  • The question “Where will you eat?” (Yes / No);
  • Show categories with photos? (Yes / No);
  • Need self-pickup? (Yes / No);
  • Devices to order (Yes / No);
  • Delivery time (Yes / No).

How Merchant Can Manage Online Sales with our Banking Solution

The merchant can set the following settings within the online sales on the Bot Commerce Platform of our banking solution:

  • Start shift;
  • Create a new product;
  • Edit the product;
  • Return the product;
  • Delete the product;
  • Create a new category;
  • Delete a category.

Business Architecture of Our Banking Solution

Business Architecture of Our Solution

Business Results of PrivatBank thanks to our Banking Solution

Thanks to the implementation of our banking solution “Bot Commerce Platform” in partnership with Visa, PrivatBank managed to reach the following business results:

  • Profits above  $20.000  a month;

  • Increase in the number of small and medium business accounts opened;

  • Increase in the turnover of Internet acquiring;

  • Improvement in loyalty of the clients.


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