Get ready for the most groundbreaking conference of the year – the No-Code Conference! This year’s it promises to be an explosive event that will bring together investors, investment funds, donors, state sector representatives, IT communities, technical specialists, geeks and all those who are passionate about the latest developments in no code and low code technology.

The conference format will be panel discussions, with each block featuring a moderator and up to five discussion participants. The conference program will consist of three blocks, each lasting 1.5 hours, followed by a sumptuous buffet where attendees can network and mingle with other like-minded individuals.

Block 1: Investments

Moderator – Dmytro Kuzmenko

Main discussion topics:

  • How far are developers in low code from investments (investment trends)?
  • What is the nearest future of low code and how you can invest in it?
  • What should be done/created in the low-code domain so that investments come to Ukraine?
  • How the market is impacted by the multiplicity of low-code solutions on the market?
  • Where not to invest?

Block 2: Business

Moderator – Maxim Prokhorov

Main discussion topics:

  • Is it difficult to go digital,  taking into account the uncertainty on the market?
  • What result I can get after implementing something?
  • How to deal with the problem of lack of qualified specialists?

Block 3: Technical Part

Moderator – Yuriy Kostyuchenko

Main discussion topics:

  • Hybrid teams (combining pro coders, data scientists and developers)
  • Types of low-code/no-code platforms/tools
  • Low-code developers vs Pro Coders (traditional coding)
  • Performance, scalability and security of low-code tools
  • GPT models (like ChatGPT, Codex) combined with LCNC tools
  • LCNC tools for DevOps automation 

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for March 16th and get ready to experience the future of software development at the No Code Conference. Don’t miss the chance to hear from Max Popov and other industry experts as they discuss the latest developments in No Code technology. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Don’t forget to register at:

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