A free course “Node-RED: from A to Z” developed by 42flows.tech company starts 2022-01-25. The course provides the possibility to master Node-RED technology and gain the necessary practical skills in PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Telegram API programs, offering quality training with an individual and progressive approach. Node-RED allows the users to create chatbots, mobile applications, Open API platforms, Bank-as-a-Service solutions, and much more.



Node-RED: From A to Z



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Node-RED: from A to Z



The course program “Node-RED: from A to Z” is designed for both beginners and those who work in the IT field, but want to improve their knowledge and skills. Our training program was developed by specialists who have not only theoretical but also practical experience in commercial international projects in IT companies.

The course “Node-RED: from A to Z” is a must-have for everyone who cares about: an interesting and relevant theory presented in an accessible format, a lot of practice, comfortable learning conditions, a friendly atmosphere, the opportunity to develop soft and hard skills. Course instructors are highly qualified practitioners who are ready to share their experience and knowledge. A significant advantage of this course is the work on a real and important project. So, after training, our students will be able to develop projects of different levels of complexity and be competitive in the labor market. Moreover, the best students of the course “Node-RED: from A to Z” can receive an offer at the end of their studies and get a job at 42flows.tech.

According to the report of the consulting giant Gartner on the development of the IT industry, the rapid growth of advanced algorithms and low-code tools will significantly reduce the demand for “classic” programmers, and by 2024 low-code technology would be able to replace more than 80% of new technological products (especially This applies to finance and retail). Low-code platforms are game-changers in the field of IT because they allow market participants to develop IT products for their needs in a much simpler, cheaper, and more convenient way. So, the course “Node-RED: from A to Z” from 42flows.tech is our answer to modern trends and needs of the global market.



Advantages and Possibilities of Node-RED

Let’s look at all the advantages and possibilities of low-code technology in general and the Node-RED tool for visual programming with data flow in particular. The development of low-code technology has provided the possibility not only for large but also for medium and small businesses to develop with less investment in IT to implement the necessary solutions and functionality. Low-code programming has made a real revolution in the field of development, so future professionals who want to work in this field should be aware of the following benefits:


  • High Demand for Low-code Workers in the Labor Market

Speed, price, the possibility of high-quality visualization, cross-platform solutions, availability of ready-made options make low-code technology interesting for business, therefore specialists in this field are in demand on the labor market all over the world. Current trends show that the demand for low-code developers will not fall in the nearest future, and their salary range will grow. According to a Gartner report, by 2024, 75% of large enterprises will use at least four low-code IT products. Moreover, by 2024 approximately 65% ​​of all applications will be developed using low-code technology. Therefore, the course “Node-RED: from A to Z” is exactly what you need to become one of the most sought-after specialists today.


  • Low Barrier to Entry and Good Career Opportunities

Low-code has a relatively low barrier to entry compared to other IT industries and allows you to quickly master a new specialization, while with the profession of a “classic” developer this is almost impossible. In other words, low-code is an easier way to start a career in IT than other alternatives.


  • Speed ​​and ease of use 

Low-code and Node-RED use built-in drag-and-drop components that allow you to create new software much faster than in a traditional way, even for a person with basic knowledge in the domain of IT. The Node-RED editor significantly helps to create the necessary program execution environment, synchronize libraries, and integrate environments so that the developer can directly focus on important work. It can be argued that artificial intelligence does the “rough” work, leaving the developer more interesting and creative tasks. You will definitely gain all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of using the Node-RED editor during the “Node-RED: A to Z” course. 


  • High quality

Node-RED is characterized by high quality, which is a very important characteristic for thread-based and visual programming platforms. Each node is a completely ready and functional module that has successfully passed unit testing. This has a significant impact on the quality of the product and eliminates the possibility of errors at the initial stage. In any case, during the course “Node-RED: from A to Z”, you will learn how to create a finished product and independently test its quality and compliance with requirements.


  • Availability

Since Node-RED is an open-source platform, anyone can create the required component and make it available to the public. Also, the public Node-RED library has more than 2000 ready-made modules, where everyone can quickly and conveniently find the right component for own purposes.

While studying the course “Node-RED: from A to Z”, you will see that working with Node-RED is very easy and you will be able to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to enter the IT field already today.

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